About Us

In 2020 our world is facing a worldwide threat, We created this trading pharmacy to supply and protect countries, hospitals and individuals around to help stop the spread of COVID-19 so the world can survive this threat.


 As the best wholesale medical suppliers of disposable face mask, nitrile transparent gloves and infrared thermometers, we have dedicated our resources to the stocking of these products to supply in bulk quantities to countries and medical organisations in need to reduce the spread of the coronavirus at cheaper wholesale prices. 

At Eriacta pharmacy, we have also been able to create jobs due to increasing demand for these products and protective measures to our workers to increase our wholesale exportation to other countries. And for any wholesale order completed we donate disposable masks and gloves to health care workers and families in need. 



Our pharmacy was found to face this spread of COVID-19, we are a group of medical scientist and researchers who have been stocking these products just before the breakout of the COVID-19 virus in China. Since then we have supplied disposable mask, nitrile transparent gloves and infrared thermometers around the world to help support this situation at wholesale prices.

We believe everyone should be protected and have access to these medical supplies. Especially hospitals, Elderly and health personnel at risk.

Our Vision

We aim at meeting with the World’s Demand of Medical Supplies and Equipment to fight against COVID-19. Order at Eriacta Pharmacy at lower prices.

Our Priorities

Our Priorities is to reduce the Worldwide spread of   COVID-19 Virus that has affected the elderly, communities, children and families in need. We aim to supply and donate our medical supplies at the lowest wholesale cost.