1,500.00 821.90

  • Price per Carton( Min Order/10 Cartons)
  • Expendable use
  • Degree: ECG Monitoring and analytic strategies
  • Content: 100 pieces
  • Timeframe of realistic usability: 2 years
  • Mfg/Exp Date and Lot not on the seal
  • Eliminates the mess of wet gels
  • Ag/AgCI silver/silver chloride
  • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing, non-cytotoxic
  • Square, cloth, solid gel electrode
  • Inventory: 1000,000 cartons(5000,000 pcs)

Square material strong gel anode wipes out the wreck of wet gels. Use for estimating sEMG/ECG/EKG. Low impedance, expendable sensors come in pieces of 5 (600 anodes for each container). Ag/AgCI(silver silver chloride) sensor. 5 cathodes for each pocket.


Strong gel holds the watery substance in a polymerized hydrogel definition and is non-disturbing, non-sharpening and non-cytotoxic to the skin.


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